Happy Whole Human Membership

What does HWH individual membership include?

  • The HWH Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment
  • A Personalized HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Handbook
  • Email Invitations to take Follow Up Self-Assessments every month
  • 6 eCourses
  • Do-It-Yourself Tools to Improve Your Life & Relationships
  • Support in Goal Setting
  • HWH Lifestyle Architecture
  • Optional 15 minute tele-coaching sessions to go over your assessment results

What does HWH for groups include?

In addition to discounted individual membership for participants, our wellness program provides leadership with aggregate report and company-wide snapshot of employee holistic wellness. Fosters an easy comparison of employee wellness self-reports across target groups, for example, to compare store and region profitability and performance. Promotes a culture of wellness by by providing content, structure, education, and tools company-wide. Sets the stage for demonstrably impactful interventions and trainings. *Customized coaching plans available for an additional cost.

How does it work?


Once you sign up, the first step is to take the 15-minute 28 dimension HWH Holistic Wellness Self-assessment. Use the customized results report to review what is going well in your life and what areas could use some improvement. In addition to personalized feedback, you will have access to landing pages for each dimension. Each landing page has exercises and recommended eCourses, mp3s, and books to help you improve your life and relationships across the board. Every day you will receive an HWH Daily Affirmation email and every three months you will receive an invitation to retake the HWH Self-assessment. HWH coaches can provide expert guidance as needed.

How much does it cost?


HWH individual membership is $19.99/month. Preferred groups or corporate clients may be eligible for discounted rates. See our Group Plan offerings and email us to see if your group may qualify!

Is my confidentiality protected?


HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN is truly a private and safe place to discover more about yourself than you ever have in the past. We are committed to your privacy and maintain a policy of strict confidentiality. Although we do generate aggregate statistical reports for research and quality control purposes, we will never share your individual self-assessment scores with any third party–even your employer! With the exception of the self-assessments, all exercises are do-it-yourself fillable forms that you can elect to email to yourself if you wish. Q & A and Coaching session records are also confidential; they will not be released unless concerns arise about unethical behavior on the part of the coach, or if we feel you are a danger to yourself or others (specifically, by law we have to report mentions of child abuse or suicidal or homicidal intent).

Can I get my money back?


Because we are so passionate about this program, we offer a money-back guarantee for individual memberships. Annual group memberships and discounted prepaid coaching packages are transferable, but not refundable and expire one year from the date of purchase.

Your Happy Whole Human Handbook

Is it possible to print just some pages of the personalized HWH Handbook?

Yes, select the page thumbnails and choose File > Print, or in the Print dialog box, select Pages and then enter the page numbers or ranges you want to print, separating them by commas.

Can I print out the HWH Handbook as a booklet?


Yes, please click here to see a tutorial.